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Shooting of the “World bitch” by Loïc Jourdain’s, first short in 35mm Cinemascope, 2001

Founded in 2004 by French film-maker Loic Jourdain and Producer Anne Marie Nic Ruaidhrí, Lugh Films is an independent, multi-awarded Film production company which specializes in high quality human and cultural Documentaries and Films for the International markets.

Lugh Films currently has a number of feature – documentaries and fiction in development including the amazing story of the disappearance of Arthur Kingsley Porter, « Skyman », the amazing healing process of a family after the death of their son.

About Loïc Jourdain

Loïc Jourdain was born in France in 1971.  After working for many years in Paris as assistant-director and assistant-producer, Loïc Jourdain began making his own films in 1997 with the prestigious Marin Karmitz’s MK2 company in Paris. While shooting his first feature-doc in Ireland, he decided to settle in Donegal in 2003 where he founded the production company Lugh Films with Anne-marie nic Ruaidhri. Since then Loïc has produced and directed several award winning and internationally acclaimed feature-documentaries including Tory Island, after the prophecy (2005), Man of the Isles (2006) and A turning tide in the life of man (2016). At present, Loïc is working on several international documentaries, fictions and series, including Hidden World, co-written with well known American script writer Barry Gifford sharing the story of the mysterious disappearance of American Professor Arthur Kingsley Porter. With support from Screen Ireland he is also developing SKYMAN, a feature-documentary about the amazing healing process of a family after the death of their son.. 

Loïc‘s latest release is called The Tribe of Gods.


The shooting of Stanley Kubrick’s film, ‘Barry Lyndon’ in the village beside my parent’s house in England in the early 1970’s, planted the ‘cinema seed in me at a very young age and this has never left me since.”

Anne-Marie nic Ruaidhri

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